Within our equestrian solutions, we distinguish between the following products:

Of course, you can always deviate from the standard offer. Let us know your wishes and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

Bridle numbers

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The bridle numbers are adjusted to your wishes. The oval ones are safer for your horse. Save time by eliminating deposits.

Bridle number - oval Price per piece € 0.18 incl. 2 bindings (available from 1 to 355, size 10 x 9 cm)

Bridle number - square With 1 drill hole above and below and rounded corners incl. binding € 0.18 (available from 1 to 999, size 10 x 10 cm)

Bridle numbers are made of 260-gram duplex cardboard.

Prices excl. VAT and shipping (€ 9.50)

Through our Order/Quotation request page, you can place an order.


Kaarten uitnodiging

The invitations are often the first business card that you issue to your contacts. That first impression is important. It must stand out and have a good look. Many variations are possible in this regard. Think of dimensions, paper quality, printing quality, etc. Don't limit your creativity. Together we will achieve a unique look. Let us know what your general wishes are via the quotation form, and we will contact you. CLICK HERE

Admission ticket


The admission ticket is important to ensure that the right number of visitors are received and that no fraud can be committed.

In addition, it should contain enough information to welcome your guests to your event in the right place and at the right time. Make sure this admission ticket, which your guest should easily recognise and visibly hold in their hand, has a high-quality look.

Lots of variations are possible here, too. Leave your first thoughts on the quotation form and we will explore the possibilities together. CLICK HERE

Parking ticket


Just like the admission ticket, a parking ticket is a document of value. This is important to realise when you determine what it should look like. Non-copyable, maximum quantity, unique validity period and distinctiveness are some aspects of importance.

Plenty of variation is possible. Show your interest via the quotation form and we will contact you.



Sometimes you want to provide your participants and/or guests with food and drink, so vouchers are often part of the standard printed materials for your event. Think of things like: Lunch vouchers, Dinner vouchers, Consumption vouchers, etc.

Even on the smallest print products, you can exude quality and attention to detail.

You can give us your thoughts about this on our quotation form as well.

Tote bag

A tote bag is often an item you give away to make life easier for your guests at the event. It is also a lasting memento, which can be taken home afterwards.

It therefore remains a long-lasting business card that continues to evoke memories of you.

You probably wouldn't want that to look cheap and amateurish.

Again, many variations are possible. Think of aspects like the material (e.g. paper or cotton), dimensions, printing, distinctiveness, 'green' appearance, etc.

We will gladly offer you advice and create a product with long-lasting appeal.

Show your interest via our quotation page.


The catalogue is often the most-used printed material during your event.

Each catalogue is unique in its design.- Advertisements or not- Ease of use of format- Full colour or black/white- Paper quality- Etc.

Too much to mention here, but together we will create a showpiece for your event.